Posted by: fireandstone | March 2, 2010

Jumping Into The Deep End

My very first blog (I hate that word, but it’s here to stay) ever comes after having worked many years in a technical capacity of one kind or another, ranging from computer hardware and software support, to database programming and web development. Strangely enough it was my distaste for being trapped in a cubicle farm that led me to both my exit from that work world as well as my foray into using the now ubiquitous blog platform as an exercise in self expression. Ostensibly, this site is dedicated to the new wave of science and lifestyle that’s converging into a soon-to-be mainstream movement known as “Paleo”. I say ostensibly because I know I can’t contain my mind to the mere facts of “proper” food consumption or activity patterns.

It has many branches and emphases now and numerous monikers to reflect that fact: Paleo, Caveman, Primal, Ev-Fit.  My interest in this lifestyle predates my knowledge of it, and stems from an almost spiritual orientation toward my ancient ancestors and what their long lost journeys mean to my physiology, my disposition, my world-view and my fate. Each and every one of them are, by definition, winners of the game of natural selection, and they have innumerable tales to tell and supreme wisdom to convey.

Every aspect of what makes us an expression of their survival will be discussed, including nutrition and exercise, but not limited to those topics. How they lived, where they lived, how they played, how they fought, thought, killed and died will be on the plate and each aspect of their world has something unique and vivid to provide instruction to us modern technophiles.

In a world where meaningful religion and deeply connecting social structure have virtually gone the way of the dodo, our broadening knowledge of our evolutionary past has given us a new and powerful way to resonate with something deeper and fuller than each of us as mere individuals. We are each part of a continuum of life and survival against the odds going back millions of years.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson


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