Posted by: fireandstone | March 2, 2010

What Am I Doing Here?

The next best thing after my rambling intro I suppose is to ramble for posterity the purpose and scope this blog by laying out the boundaries. The best way to go about that seems to me to start with a list of what this blog is *not*, considering that so many “Paleo” sites have sprung up across the blogosphere recently. Here we go:

  • This blog is not a hate diary – I have no intention of getting online to chronicle my frustration with everyday life or to emote about people, opponents, fashion trends, bad social interactions or other blogs that randomly piss me off. I’m not an ad hominem abuser and if I have something disagreeable to say about someone’s blog entry, it’s going to be about the content, not the person who wrote it.
  • This blog is not a Paleo journal – I’m not going through a lifestyle change or embarking on a new weight loss program after discovering the miracle of Paleo. I’m already in great shape and have been eating and living “the way” for many years, so I’m not going to run a photo journal of my progress. There are many wonderful success stories out there already anyway and they are truly inspiring and have done an awesome job of spreading the word and convincing people to give it a shot.
  • This blog is not a recipe site – Alot of the popular Paleo blogs have gotten into the habit of putting up recipes or “what I cooked last night” posts when material, or inspiration, dries up. I’m not going to be posting recipes, weekend links, or any other kind of fluff when I have nothing else to say. If I have nothing to post about, I’m going to take a rest. This blog isn’t anyone’s daily lifeline to Paleo lifestyle information…there are many, many, many great blogs to check in on to score a fix.

So it’s easy enough to know what you don’t want to do, but knowing what you do want to do is sort of the hard part, which is why so many wells run dry so fast. Putting structure to thought and making it available, engaging and entertaining is no easy task. Here is at least a good starting point for where I’m going with this:

  • I am a nerd – I will analyze everything to death and use the most precise language possible to convey what other people do with nice short colloquialisms, so if you like heavy rationale with a heaping helping of overwrought prose style and a side of duplication of effort, you’ve come to the right place.
  • I like evolution – mostly everything  I want to say about humanity, be it nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, institutions or what have you, is going to be directly relatable to some aspect of human evolution. It’s practically my religion and the fossil record is like my “Genesis”. So if you’re a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim, or some other kind of religionist that has a fun creation story that’s just too good to not be true, and have some alternative rationale for why Paleo makes sense to you, I’m not going to be a very comfortable read because I’m going to bring it up constantly. If you find that you still can’t get enough of my wit and writ despite your doctrinal disposition, then I must be actually *too* good at bloggery.
  • I have an open mind – Paleo may be as close as I get to religion, but if so, then I’m not a member of its Puritan sect. In a movement that claims to descend from the application of reason, the creeping onset of dogma is more than a little ironic. Not everything that’s “Paleo” is good for you, and not everything that’s modern is bad for you. That should be an obvious-ism. Even where it’s agreed that Paleo is the right way to go, it’s not entirely always clear what’s the “Paleo” thing to do. For every conclusion that can be reached from one piece of archaeological/physiological evidence, an equally astute yet opposing conclusion can be reached from another. Sometimes there just has to be some kind of appeal to efficacy.

Finally, a note on the name I chose for this blog: fire and stone is at once a reference to our most prolific early leaps in technology which gave us the tools to become the apex predator of the entire world, and a subtle play on “fire and brimstone”, a religious reference that seems to fit with my sentiment about the evolutionary journey of humankind.



  1. Brilliant, brilliant first couple of posts. I do fear the damage that those who are turning all things Paleo into a dogma are doing… and more so those who have a ‘reinactment’ bent.

    I lokk forward to your future posts!

    Jamie, New Zealand

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been sensing and dreading the dogma trend for a while now and dreading the image that it presents to outsiders. It means the difference between enlightening society and irritating it. I’d rather be the new and exciting neural connection that just formed in the brain than a festering pimple that needs to be popped.

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