Posted by: fireandstone | April 6, 2010

Looking Jacked – The Followup

As I was writing up my last post, it most definitely didn’t escape my attention that many many people that have arrived at the Paleo diet/lifestyle have done so in order to lose weight, to get healthy and to feel good about themselves, and that emphasis on being lean and ripped might serve as an impediment to people that are barely holding on to sanity and hope in their journeys. I nearly included a section at the time on the matter, but I wanted to deal with it as its own topic because it’s such an important one. I certainly don’t emphasize that perspective in my daily life, especially when dealing with friends and acquaintances that are on that very same journey. But I think that the truth is always a good place to start, and there’s absolutely no reason that we can’t be honest about the basic facts at hand and also be compassionate, patient and encouraging all at the same time.

It’s important to realize that most of us live and work in physical and social environments that are conducive to weight gain, and altogether inconducive to fitness, so it’s not surprising that most of us are also not fit in the way that our ancestors were fit. If you’ve just begun a journey of weight loss, and have alot of work ahead of you, imagining your ancestors to be super-athletes with beach body physiques shouldn’t be a discouraging event, it should be an inspiration to know that that very same toned, muscular super athlete is inside of you waiting to be revealed. It’s not some unattainable goal only meant for elite fitness gurus, it’s your own personal birthright and it’s up to you to come into your fortune.

The human form is as graceful, functional and beautiful as the leopard on the hunt, and every bit as inspiring. I take personal inspiration from my ancestors by embracing their strength, their confidence and their grace, and abandoning all of the false messages of weakness, hopelessness and vulnerability to which we are endlessly subjected.

Are We Really Supposed to Look Jacked?


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